Academic Vision

The Georgia Tech Honors Program selects students who give a strong indication of intellectual curiosity and commitment, and we try to create an academic context in which they can extend their range of thought by working with professors and other students in a spirit of inquiry and interdisciplinary investigation.  To that end, we also recruit professors who are willing to take the approach of asking questions rather than dispensing answers, and in the process, are also willing to be intellectually challenged by their students. 

The Honors Program curriculum emphasizes active intellectual engagement and the mutual exchange of ideas rather than just the transfer of information.  We are not the only source of that sort of teaching on the Georgia Tech campus, but we do underscore that approach among everyone connected with the Honors Program – faculty and students alike.  That’s what gives our program its intellectual identity, our courses their intellectual integrity, and our students an exceptional intellectual experience.

The Honors Program was not designed for students interested only in covering basic curricular requirements and accumulating credits toward an undergraduate degree.  While we are very mindful of those considerations and support every student’s desire to graduate in four years and to stay in good academic standing for the sake of HOPE Scholarships and other forms of financial aid, the larger purpose of the program is to identify and encourage students who seek to do more than follow the standard path for an undergraduate education.

In keeping with that spirit of intellectual inquiry and engagement, the Honors Program does not require students to maintain a minimum GPA for remaining in the program.  There may be cases, however, when students whose academic performance and interests do not seem to fit with HP expectations will be counseled to rethink their continued involvement the program.

We offer this statement in the interest of being as clear as possible about the level of commitment that defines meaningful participation in the program.  We hope that by better understanding the underlying assumptions of the curriculum, students will be able to embrace the opportunities it offers and make the most of their Honors Program experience.

Students who meet the expectations of the Honors Program will receive a special designation on the official Georgia Tech transcript with each year of involvement and, at the time of graduation, an Honors Program plaque and Honors Program seal affixed to the Georgia Tech diploma.