Class Profile

Every year the Georgia Tech Office of Assessment conducts a survey of entering students, the Cooperative Institutional Research Program (CIRP), a nationally-administered instrument that provides comparable data over time and across institutions. Some of the more significant and revealing CIRP results can be clustered into the following categories (indicating the percentage of students responding "frequently" or "very important") for Honors Program students and other first-year students at the time they enter Georgia Tech:


Intellectual curiosity (pre-college):
Asked questions in class 76.0 53.4
Asked a teacher for advice after class 40.4 24.6
Evaluated the quality or reliability of information received 64.2 45.0
Sought alternative solutions to a problem 57.3 44.7
Explored topics on own, even though not required for class 53.1 37.1
Looked up scientific research articles and resources 41.7 28.4
Involvement in cultural activities and societal concerns (pre-college):
Socialized with someone of another racial/ethnic group 90.4 76.1
Played a musical instrument 51.6 31.8
Discussed religion 46.8 35.6
Discussed politics 45.7 33.7
Performed volunteer work 42.6 31.5
Expectations for engagement at Georgia Tech:
Roommate of different racial/ethnic group 93.6 81.4
Regular communication with professors 96.8 81.7
Undergraduate research with faculty mentor 83.3 66.0
Study abroad program 90.0 65.3
International Plan 63.0 45.7
Prestigious scholarship application (Rhodes, Marshall, etc.) 69.0 47.5
Volunteer or community service work 82.1 73.7
Student clubs/groups 95.7 89.6
Student government 55.8 37.0
Importance of:
Taking courses outside of major 80.3 67.5
Developing a meaningful philosophy of life 68.1 50.6
Improving my understanding of other countries and cultures 73.1 53.2
Influencing social values 47.4 30.9
Becoming a community leader 43.6 34.1
Becoming involved in programs to clean up the environment 42.6 28.5
Participating in a community action program 40.4 28.6
Helping to promote racial understanding 41.5 33.4


Academic Success at Georgia Tech: Even though they were not selected primarily for good grades and SAT scores, the Honors Program students have both: the average SAT scores for Honors Program students in the first two entering classes ran about 50 to 100 points above the overall average SAT for their Georgia Tech classmates.

In the six years the Honors Program has been in existence, three cohorts of HP students have graduated, a total of 192 as of May 2012.  Of those 192 graduates, 159 (82%) have completed their Georgia Tech careers with academic honors in their respective majors—111 graduating with Highest Honors, 24 with Honors, and another 24 with Honors—which is well above the norm for the university as a whole.