Georgia Tech Honors Program students enroll in a minimum of 5 Honors Program courses* (HP-designation) during their undergraduate studies at Tech.

FIRST SEMESTER:  2  HP core courses

These are the standard introductory courses such as English composition; introduction to biology, chemistry, or physics; calculus, etc., but done the Honors Program way. 

That means smaller class sections that are more inquiry-based and allow for enhanced interaction between students and professors.  Students may enroll in more than 2, if desired.

SECOND SEMESTER AND BEYOND:  3 HP special topic courses

These are interdisciplinary, discussion-driven, and usually project-based courses that encourage students to explore beyond the limits of their majors (limited to 20 HP students).


The HP courses are sufficiently exceptional that we do not readily accept substitutions.  In very rare and extenuating circumstances, which will be decided on a case-by-case basis, the Honors Program may approve the substitution of another Georgia Tech course for an HP course, if and only if the following information can be provided in advance:

  • a detailed course description and/or statement from the professor that explains how the course fits with the goals and approach of the Honors Program.
  • an indication that the course involves regular engagement with other students (e.g. not an independent study or individual laboratory project) and that some form of rigorous assessment of student learning/accomplishment is incorporated.

*HP courses are easily embedded in the standard program of study for any Georgia Tech major.  We do our best to ensure our courses fulfill general education requirements or serve as electives, so that they do not add to a student’s overall curriculum.  The Honors Program is dedicated to working with students in order to allow them to take full advantage of all experiential opportunities at Tech.