Faculty Colleagues

Aside from the director and associate director of the program, who teach special topic courses every year, the Honors Program recruits and relies on faculty colleagues from across campus to bring fresh ideas and support for our intellectual approach.

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"I've been teaching Calculus II for the Honors Program, and it's been a real pleasure. [The students] pay attention, are involved in the class, and are full of questions both during and after class." -Fred Andrew, Mathematics

  Fred Andrew, Mathematics

It's great to see our Honors Program students really going after the material in my U.S. Constitutional Issues class. They work hard to understand the court opinions we read. But they don't call it quits at that--they actively engage the material, questioning and challenging the reasoning. - Roberta Berry, Public Policy

  Roberta Berry, Public Policy

"I have found the class to be very engaged and responsible. They ask excellent questions in class and we have fairly frequent in class interactions, sometimes initiated by PRS based activities...I am really enjoying working with them."  - Joe Perry, Chemistry

  Joe Perry, Chemistry