Welcome to Georgia Tech and, above all, welcome to the Honors Program! You’re setting out on a great personal adventure, and we’re here to help you make the most of it.

You’re in the Honors Program because we saw something in your original application to Georgia Tech that told us you’re not just a good student who does good work in the classroom – we almost take that for granted – but also the kind of person who has the combination of commitment, energy, and even passion that’ll make you an exceptional part of our campus community. We have high hopes for you, of course, and one major challenge.

The main thing we ask of you is that you care about your education and take ownership of it. That means much more than just taking the courses and getting the grades. It means getting involved with your classmates and professors, playing your part as an interested and engaged member of an intellectual community. It means taking a broader view of the learning opportunities available to you outside the classroom, taking advantage of the remarkable social and cultural resources the campus and the larger Atlanta community can offer. It also means having fun for four (or five?) years, so that when you graduate from Georgia Tech, you can say, “That really was a great adventure! I couldn’t have done it any better.”

So let the adventure begin. We’re excited to share it with you.

Please click here to download the handbook.